Toys are the most essential elements of childhood, and we believe, playing with toys strengthens the mental ability of the kids. Nowadays, education is being given through toys because child adapts that easily because they find it entertaining. By realizing the worth of toys, we have started our venture as “Step & Toys”.
There is no childhood without toys. Toys add flavors to childhood memories. Step & Toys aim to circulate worthy toys amongst kids so that they could grow mentally and physically along with entertainment. Here are the major reasons for which one should avail the toys on rent.
Step & Toys is one of the leading toys company. We do take care of the entertainment of the kids but we are also equally caring towards their safety and security. We follow all the safety protocols to keep you and your kid safe. After every rotation, toys are properly cleaned and sanitized so that no virus could communicate. We cannot compromise with the safety of clients and hence we always pay attention to it.
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