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Our Dynamic Modules

Society Admin will have its own login from where he/she could be able to manage the society automatically and the rights are as:

  • Society Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Main User

  • Security Guard

  • Partner, Distributer and Builder

  • Society Admin

    Creation of events and inviting all or specific members of the society.

    Generation of Reminders, Announcements and Notice for all or specific members of society.

    Manage information of members (new, old or existing) of the society.

    Manage information of staff (new, old or existing) of the society.

    Management of profile of society.

    Access of Complaints and Suggestion Boxes.

    Visitor’s tracking along with vehicles.

    Utility Booking.

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  • Super Admin

    Server Management.

    Super Admin has the access to create the user type of the system. Implementation of Society Control System in societies.

    Management of Advertisement for which people approach from outside of the society.

    Support Management in case of Ticket raise by any of the user’s role.

    All the points which are mentioned in main user’s section is completely under the control of Super Admin.

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  • Main User

    Management of their own profile.

    Able to check all the details of building, society, events, invitations, builder etc.

    Able to get notification for pending bills, action towards complaints and suggestions and other important activities.

    Able to lodge Complaints and Suggestions. Management of profile of society.

    Able to make donations and book Utilities

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  • Security Guard

    Data of all types of users along with the family members and concerned persons.

    Able to make entries of visitors and their vehicle.

    Entry and exit time of all the members and visitors will be maintained.

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  • Partner, Distributer and Builder

    Profile Management.

    All the details about the building will be shown.

    Advertisement column will be shown in order to make promotions.

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Flow of Society Management System

Our Super Exclusive Offers

Society Member’s App

Society Members can have quick access through user friendly mobile application.All the options are facilitated through Mobile Application, easy to use.




Generate Complaints/Suggestions

Gatekeeper’s Mobile App

To keep the pace of activities, gatekeeper’s module is completely accessible through mobile application.




to access

Builder’s/Distributer’s App

Take the experience of the module through Mobile Application with friendly interface and quick execution.

Quick Details

Generate Request

Manage Advertisement

Fast Communication

Dashboard for Admin
and Super Admin

Admin and Super Admin will have dashboard in order to manage all the information in a concise and smart way.

Quick Report Generation


Check out
Bills Status

Manage Advertisement

Why you should have
Society Management System

Having a secure life is the primary demand of the time and in the same series we are providing a safeguard that will not only secure your society but also reduce the manual management of internal processes.

Furthermore, it generates an opportunity of earning. Handsome profit is behind every implementation and even you can recover all your investment just by making implementation in 4-5 societies. Lifetime income is guaranteed through Society Management System.

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