LCMS Solvents

With the success of (ultra) high pressure liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy (UHPLC-MS) many new requirements arised to the solvent used because of high detection sensitivity.

This way the focus by using mass spectroscopy lies especially on high ionisation efficience with concurrent low ion background. Therefore the solvents are applicable cleaned up. Thereby removing trace elements, organics and (metall) ions has first priority. These can cause an increased ambient noise and adduct formation with the substances, that should be analysed. The result is a decreased detection sensability.

For quality controll all solvents are tested versus Reserpin (m/z 609.49) as standard. The following figure shows the scan of a positiv and negativ ESI and APCi modus. The whole tested mass area displays a low noise ambient as well as no signals cause by impurities.


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