‚ÄúPahal Foundation‚Ä? is a Non-Profit Organisation, registered under section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 (now with introduction of Companies Act 2013, section 8 company).The meaning of ‚ÄúPahal‚Ä? in Hindi is a new beginning. It envisaged with the objective of ensuring capacity building and financial literacy initiatives for the populace who has been largely excluded from the mainstream financial services and for the financially vulnerable section of the society. The promoters of the company had a vision for the socially backward, illiterate tribal population for holistic development and overall growth. They had a very clear vision of creating social impact in the area of health, sanitation, education, socio and economic development.




Health check-up of over 1000 women members of the group...


Towards Literacy

Major Financial Literacy partnership with the World Bank-IFC in Gujarat and MP...


Financial awareness and Self Independence

A dedicated financial awareness program at Vadodara...