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A Simple Step Empowers Many Valuable Lives.

The action taken today will keep you happy for a lifetime because what we give comes back to us.

Our Stories

We have supported millions of families and individuals who got victimized due to any natural calamity or disease. The success stories are still getting increased with the new initiatives taken on every new day.

Join The Campaign

Those who have a willingness to do something for needy people are more than welcome to be a part of this huge chain. Helping others is the ultimate aim of one’s life and here the opportunity is waiting for you. Get associated and make people smile.

Make a Gift

People can help others by presenting them something in the form of gifts. Your one gift will have the power to win many hearts.

AN ORGANIZATION YOU CAN TRUST will be replaced with A Platform at which one can rely upon

We are made by the people who support and trust us. Our all initiatives revolve around the transformation of life from a bad phase to a good one. We aim to see a healthy and happy India and to achieve the desire we all are working with all the possible efforts.


Our Mission

Our dynamic team members are focused on the betterment of mankind. We take every single step in order to make lives happy. There are people who are not so blessed and we understand the sense of responsibility for all those people who are unable to take care of themselves. We believe that good deeds always come to you in the form of some positive vibes and hence we always try to encourage people to come out and raise funds to help such kind of people. The platform is specifically designed to collect funds and help people who need support.

Currently, Covid-19 is the biggest trouble in front of the world and everyone is trying to defeat the virus. Till now no vaccine is cured and the government has decided to keep the businesses shut so that spread of the virus could get controlled. The step is fine but how the poor people will get food or shelter? Various initiatives are taken but not everyone is getting it properly and hence in such a scenario we need to do our bit. We utilize the collected funds to help people who are not able to earn their bread and butter. So, join us in our mission and let the world know you.

Collabrate to team members to rise

Md. Wasim Khan 1

A person who understands the demand of poor people from ground zero level and ensures direct delivery of needed things to them. He has worked for more than 10 years in the corporate sector and now helping people through innovative ideas.

Md. Wasim Khan 2

We always lead the team by showing exemplary work and Mr. Md Wasim Khan 2 is one of those talents whom everyone follows. He is working with the team of who monitors the quality of material so that healthy products could be supplied.

Md. Wasim Khan 3

Md. Wasim Khan 3 is working as a Manager who manages all possible opportunities through which we could increase the scope of healthy. He also looks at the procedure to utilize the funds in such a way so that people could get maximum benefits of the same.

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+91 9898412890

+91 9898412890


Prahlad nagar, Ahmedabad.